Accommodation Ideas for Business or Leisure Travel

Cape Town is a well-known destination for leisure travel, but for many in the corporate world, the city has also become a premier business travel hub too. With the acclaimed International Convention Centre (ICC), many global headquarters and a diversity of other conference and accommodation venues, Cape Town is well equipped to cater to every type of traveller and their needs. Here are some ideas on where to stay – whatever reason you may be visiting.

Where to Stay on Business Trips

Business travel is fast picking up in Cape Town, with many accommodation venues geared towards this market. But of course, there are many different types of business travel. These suggestions will help you find the best place to stay, whatever your requirements may be.

  • Conferences and Seminars – if you are spending a large amount of each day at a conference or seminar, you will most likely want accommodation that is easy to get to and facility-rich. Hotels near to venues such as the ICC give you everything from room service to fitness centres, restaurants, meeting rooms, free WiFi spots and housekeeping, allowing you to return each evening to dine and relax.


  • Team Building – many companies are starting to see the value in team building getaways, providing staff with increased motivation, inspiration and productivity. There are many different options that cater to larger groups, from villas to lodges or even holiday houses that have ample space for every attendee. Self-catering is usually the best bet, allowing you to plan each day’s activities more effectively, on your own schedule.


  • Meetings – for quick trips of just a few days, for a big meeting with a Cape Town branch for instance, apartments are a fuss-free ‘home from home’ option. Many are found within the business hub of the city and in outlying areas too. Guest houses are also ideal for short visits too.

Where to Stay on Leisure Trips

The leisure market continues to boom, especially with travel awards that are scooped up by South Africa’s Mother City each year. Family holidays, organised tour groups, honeymoons, single travellers, senior travellers and sight-seers all have different needs, but essentially want the same thing on their travels: comfortable accommodation that caters to their requirements simply and effectively.

  • Families and Larger Groups – when travelling in a group of six or more people, space is a major requirement. You may be travelling with kids and adults, or only adults. Some may share rooms, while others will require their own rooms, such as couples. A spacious villa or holiday house that works on self-catering basis is generally the best way to keep every guest happy. Many of these venues have swimming pools and gardens too, along with all the facilities you need for a great holiday.


  • Couples and Single Travellers – couples have a great variety of options to choose from, which makes it easy to choose accommodation based on area, price range, facilities or even convenience. Single travellers also have a good diversity of options, but supplements for rooms are fairly standard.


  • Special Needs Travellers – Cape Town also caters to specific travel needs, such as disabled travellers, senior travellers, those with young babies or any other visitor that may have unique requirements. Facilities at these venues are designed to be more accessible, with value-added services such as wheelchairs, cots, baby-sitting and more. Even smokers will be able to find places that offer smoking rooms.

What this means for visitors to Cape Town is plenty of diversity and choice for every traveller – whatever reason they may be visiting the city. Facilities and infrastructure are improving all the time, in order to cater to each unique visitor and their specific needs. Whether you are in town for business or pleasure, you are sure to find just the right accommodation to suit your requirements. Please contact us today for a free quotation, and remember, we guarantee the lowest rates online for over 600 establishments!