Cape Town: A Unique Safari Destination

When you think of Cape Town, wildlife and safari adventures may not be the first things that come to mind. In fact, beaches, mountains and wine are more often associated with this popular coastal hotspot. But just a short drive away from the city, a number of game reserves can be found, offering the chance to see the Big Five and many other wildlife species.


The many diverse habitats that comprise the Cape Province span across open plains, wooded areas, valleys and even semi-arid ecosystems. Then there is the Cape Floristic Kingdom that features many of its own unique habitats too. What this means for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers is an abundance of species that are found amongst these habitats, ensuring an amazing safari experience for all.

What to Expect on Cape Safaris

From the largest of wildlife species to the smallest, an incredible diversity of bird species, spectacular landscapes and even luxurious safari accommodation, Cape safaris allow you to enjoy that quintessential bush adventure just a few hours outside of the city. Here are some reasons to consider a safari in the Cape…

  •  Africa’s Big Five – considered the biggest and best game species during the hunting years, the Big Five include lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. These species are so famous that they even appear on South African currency notes, and are simply awe-inspiring to see in their natural environment. Gondwana Game Reserve on the Garden Route is one place where you can see these magnificent animals, and is situated just a few hours away from Cape Town.


  • Self-drive adventures – if you want to view game and explore at your own leisure, there are some excellent reserves that offer self-drive as well as guided safaris. Inverdoorn Game Reserve is just two hours away from the City Centre, offering the chance to explore diverse habitats within the Klein Karoo landscapes. Here you can see lion, cheetah, jackal, Black rhino, leopard and many other species. Bird species are also abundant, with everything from Cape vulture to ostrich, flamingo and more in between.


  • Malaria free safaris – yet another benefit of safaris in the Western Cape is that there is no risk of malaria in this part of the country. That means no worrying about whether or not you have taken your malaria pills. Most game reserves also provide basic facilities such as first aid, water, accommodation and everything else you need, while being close to small towns and just a few hours outside of Cape Town too on the off-chance you ever need to find pharmacies or healthcare facilities.


  • Conservation and wildlife protection – the plight of South Africa’s rhino has made headlines around the world, with places such as Aquila Game Reserve being targeted by poachers along with larger reserves such as Kruger National Park. Visiting Aquila and learning more about the work they do to protect their rhino will ensure a better understanding of conservation efforts in this part of the country, while also leaving you feeling beyond inspired by each rhino’s story.

You can choose to enjoy a safari as a full day excursion, half day outing or even spend a night or two at one of the many fine reserves in the Cape Province. However you plan to enjoy your bush adventure, make sure that you experience the beauty of the Cape’s rich wildlife and scenery during your time in Cape Town. offers a variety of Safari Tours & adventures, please contact us for more information.

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