Backpacking in Cape TownLooking for fun and adventure? Try backpacking along the wine regions of Stellenbosch, or follow one of the many trails along the Garden Route. Filled with exuberant adventurers like you, Cape Town has become very popular with younger crowds looking for more than a typical night’s stay.

Share your experience with others who enjoy adventure, climbing, hiking, wine tasting, partying and enjoying time at the beach, or just sharing the moment with others who share your enthusiasm.

How to get around

For complete freedom, you can hire a car. Cape Town Car hire services are advantageous to small groups, as you pay one fee and the whole group can go where ever you want, when you want to go.

A backpacker shuttles are available in and around the Cape Town area. These services offers transportation to several of the lodgings in the area as well as a few of the tourist attractions, including Stellenbosch wine lands. These shuttles also travel at night time, and stop off at the party spots

Some of the backpacker shuttles offer longer trips to Johannesburg, and Durban. They offer a hop on hop off service, which is ideal for backpackers who want to take things at their own pace.

Where to stay

Choose from a wide variety of accommodations located in the heart of Cape Town or surrounding areas. Lodgings include dorm-style rooms, hostels or private rooms with amenities such as self-catering kitchens, en-suite bath facilities, or an on-site bar or cafe where you can purchase drinks, snacks or light meal. IF you need more info, Google offers plenty of information on backpacking in Cape Town.

Other considerations
As with any type of travel, safety is essential. Travelling is groups is always preferred to travelling alone, especially for women or while travelling at night. Transportation by mini-bus is safest during the day, whilst at nighttime rather use a private taxi or car hire service.

Always be careful to safeguard your possessions, especially cameras, cash and expensive jewelry. Ask your hostel or lodging manager if there is a safe place to store your valuables while you are away from your room and so you do not have to carry large amounts of money with you during the day.

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