A yummy "Old Biscuit Mill" experience

Today was a hot and breezy Saturday morning in The Mother City! The birds were chirping and the mountains were smiling back at the sun.  In fact, this was just a pretty normal day in Cape Town.

We ‘Capetonians’ love the hot weather and we always make the most of our sassy summer mornings.. We also love routine (and food), which is exactly why every Jack and his Jill were hanging out at The Old Biscuit Mill market this morning  which takes place every Saturday at 375 Albert Rd in Observatory.

One thing to note about this relaxed and vibey market, is to make sure you arrive with enough appetite to consume every product that this organic food market has to offer-  you will thank me for this invaluable advice whilst biting into one of those famous crepe’s!  Other yummies include; the homemade bread, iced-tea served in honey jars, homemade pizza’s, pastries, pasta’s, curries, fresh fish, mind blowing coffee, and believe me, the fairy cupcakes are cute enough to make you burst into song!!!  It is also a pet friendly area (we love pets too), with its very own food stand for dogs, which sells bones and doggy goody-bags!

What a cool place!  Saturday’s Rock at the Old Biscuit Mill…  It’s deliciously delightful and a perfect way to kick off your Cape Town summer weekend!

About The Author: Rox

Cape Town based copywriter, blogger, baker of cookies, seeker of calm and maker of things.
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